Ongoing focus on
the health and safety
of our employees has
the highest priority



VIP Scaffolding’s top priority is to create a safe working environment.

Our integrated policy, which encompasses health and safety, quality and the environment, provides the basis for a safe working environment. Policy, procedures and instructions are established to increase the safety awareness and behaviour of all our staff, and to avoid all types of damage – from personal injury to possible material damage or environmental pollution.

Both the safety and the quality standards that VIP Scaffolding sets itself are regularly tested against the constantly changing environment, legislation and internal business requirements.

Where necessary, adjustments are made to ensure that maximum safety always takes precedence. The professional management of these different aspects underpins the successful operation of our business. The active involvement of all our staff is crucially important to this.

Health, safety, quality and the environment are a priority in our company policy, but are also the responsibility of everyone, at every level.

Our objective “The goal is zero” implies that every accident or incident can be avoided.

Through continuous training and updating of skills, we not only improve technical expertise, but also try to influence the behaviour of our staff as regards safety and quality. The result is a sustainable HSEQ culture within our organisation.

Step-by-step plan for maximum safety.



dangers and risks
determining of instructions and procedures
fine-tuning of safety plan
relevant courses/training sessions



internal and external communications platform
implementation of procedures and instructions
raising awareness of safe behaviour
conducting a risk analysis


follow-up of implementation

internal audits
internal discussion
follow-up of incident notifications


evaluation & assurance

proactive policy
management review

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