Flexible service coupled with
30 years’ experience
in industrial scaffolding construction



Scaffolding construction is still an essential tool for safe and efficient accessibility when working at height. VIP Scaffolding wants to be your partner in making these workplaces at height accessible and has more than 30 years’ experience in this field. Our focus is on scaffolding construction. For all other activities, we collaborate with partners and/or rely on outsourcing.

VIP Scaffolding works in

  • Industrial maintenance and projects
  • Tank terminals
  • Power stations
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Food and non-food
  • Construction

Our working area extends across the whole of Belgium, Northern France and the Southern Netherlands. At the heart of everything we do is our flexible service.

This begins with expert advice, planning and work preparation, and culminates in implementation and completion. Throughout this process, our constant goal is to work out a (cost) effective and economical solution together with the customer. That said, at no point in the process do we ever compromise on safety.

VIP Scaffolding offers

  • Industrial scaffolding
  • Stair towers and access platforms
  • Tent constructions, temporary roofing and barriers
  • Façade scaffolding
  • Special constructions

Stability and engineering

VIP Scaffolding has its own engineering department. Our technical team takes care of the necessary drawings and stability studies. For the entire duration of the project, they offer the support required.

intensive follow-up of and support for your project from our engineering department

If necessary, our engineers visit the site and any adjustments required are carried out. This means that upon completion, we can also supply an as-built drawing and calculation.

The software that VIP Scaffolding uses for this is AutoCAD and SciaEngineer.

Where appropriate, we call upon our specialist supplier and partner Scafom-rux for technical assistance.

All projects are calculated and executed in accordance with the EN standard.

construction office desk with computer and tools
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